Extreme Tux Racer




The second part of Tux Racer... for free, of course


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Since the moment that Sunspire Studios tried to convert Tux Racer into a non-free game, Tux Racer became a less popular game and people was not interested in the game.

It´s now some years since this happened and there have been several tries to continue the project from the original open source code. Now we have pound a good game named Extreme Tux Racer.

Extreme Tux Racer offers us new features and a better graphic engine and look. New tracks, new championships and challenges and a good number of errors solved. In short a goodgame and a lot of fun are waiting for you in Extreme Tux Racer.

If you liked Tux Racer, You´ll love Extreme Tux Racer, it´s a must have with no doubt.
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